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The Answer To The 10 Most Common Pregnancy Questions

There are many commonly asked pregnancy questions, especially for first time mothers.

I know I had a wealth of worries and wonders floating around in my head during my first pregnancy. It is perfectly normal to have so many pregnancy questions, and the purpose of this site is to provide answers to help put your mind at ease.

There are many aspects of pregnancy topics covered on Sexy Maternity Dresses feel free to read the materials and get the answers you are looking for. To start with, here are the most commonly asked pregnancy questions most to-be mothers would be interested to know.

1. How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

This is one of the first pregnancy questions a woman will ask. The reliability of the test depends on how accurately you take it. Following the directions included in a home pregnancy test package will ensure the most accurate reading. Avoid taking them too soon, or you could become nervous or excited prematurely, as I did for several months before actually conceiving.

2. Should morning sickness last all day?

Being one of the most common pregnancy questions, this one gets asked a lot. The term “morning sickness”; is used to describe the nausea experienced in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Though it is typically experienced each morning upon waking up, the nausea can last all day, or spring up at random times throughout the day.

3. How do I know my baby is healthy inside there?

Many women worry about the growth and development of their baby. Medical advancements make it easier for doctors to monitor a fetus’ growth and track when problems may be arising. Feeling the symptoms of pregnancy ensures the hormones are doing their job in creating a proper environment for the baby, and helps to answer the more worrisome pregnancy questions.

4. Will I gain too much weight?

Many weight gaining questions surface due to the increase in food and calorie intake recommended for expectant mothers. During a normal pregnancy, a woman should gain 20-30 pounds. There may be exceptions for those who were under or overweight prior to pregnancy, so it may be useful to ask your doctor these pregnancy questions.

5. Why do things suddenly smell bad?

Another of the commonly asked pregnancy questions in the first trimester, as the smell of things can be tainted due to hormonal changes. You may find that your sense of smell is increasingly heightened, or that pleasant smells now make you nauseous. This is a temporary side effect, and will go away after birth.

6. Will labor and delivery consist of excruciating pain?

The answers to this will vary among women. Some have higher pain tolerances and may not experience as much pain as others. Speaking from experience, medical assistance such as an epidural can make the pain more manageable for those with a low tolerance for pain. Breathing techniques can help a mother naturally deliver her baby with less pain.

7. Will I harm the baby if I drink coffee?

This is one of the pregnancy questions whose answer is highly debated by doctors. Many believe that caffeine is dangerous to a developing baby’s health, while others will say the additive is fine in moderation. To be on the safe side, I cut out all caffeinated beverages, as this was one of my many pregnancy questions as well.

8. Is it normal to make so many trips to the bathroom?

Urination becomes more frequent in the first and third trimesters. Most women experience it most in the last couple months of the pregnancy, as the baby gets larger and puts more pressure on the bladder. It is also normal to excrete a bit of urine when you laugh, cough, or sneeze during this time.

9. What about gas? Is it normal to break wind this much?

Another of the more embarrassing pregnancy questions ladies want to know the answer to. Yes, it is normal to have an increase in flatulence during pregnancy. This can be due to an increase in fiber, as well as the slowing of the digestive system, courtesy of the shift in hormone levels.

10. How should I sleep while pregnant?

Sleeping position is another of the popular pregnancy questions many women ask. For most expectant mothers, stomach sleeping should be stopped completely around the fourth month. Back sleeping has the potential to harm your vital organs as the baby’s weight increases. The best answer I found was to sleep on your sides, particularly your left one.

As you can see, there are many pregnancy questions that almost all expecting women seek to find the answer for. These are among the most common questions asked, and should help ease your mind regarding your body and your baby.

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