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Baby Gear

Swing Repair & Maintenance

Baby Equipment just like any other types of equipment also needs proper care and maintenance and baby swing is not an exception. Swings are easy to maintain, it should just be given regular cleaning and checks on the important parts of the base or the harness.

If there are some problems your swing, you might want to check if the swing can still be repaired to avoid spending more on having to buy a new one. It is important to note, however, that you should also identify what swings can still be fixed and repaired and what are the ones that will already need a replacement.

Here are no-fuss tips to easily repair your baby swings:

When dismantling the swings, always be mindful of the screws that are all around the swing. You should properly identify the right screwdriver for the screws. Be careful in taking each of them while dismantling the swing, remember that each screw is important to ensure that after the swing has been repaired or fixed, it is should still be secured and hold up and the screws are vital to ensure that the foundation of the swing is strong.

Make sure that when trying to dismantle the swing, there are no kids playing round near you. You don’t want them to accidentally spill something or cut the thin wires being exposed while the head of the swing is dismantled. A wire cut might cause severe malfunctions to the swing and might ultimately destroy its motor functionality. Now, for the motor, take each part out gently, again take note if there are any screws that need to be removed before pulling any part out to avoid damaging the parts or pulling and breaking out any wires.

Motor replacement is simple just take not how to properly dismantle the head of the swing and properly remove the motor from the parts connected to it then replacing it will be at ease as long as you don’t miss any screws when putting the swing back altogether. Remember to replace the motor with the same type as it might cause the short circuit to your swing. Be very delicate in pushing, twisting as well as sliding the brand new motor in the head of your swing. After which try to test if it works and the swing is functioning as expected.

It is better if you know your baby swing, each swing manufacturer has different styles and models of their swings. It is best if you get familiar with the operation and user manual guide of your swing. Read the instructions and be familiar with each and every part of the swing so you would know how to properly maintain them as well as the parts which can be dismantled and assembled, which ones are hazardous or needs to take precaution in dismantling or assembling.

It also better if you know your manufacturers well, manufacturer’s reputation says a lot about to their products. Good quality products are reflective of the commitment of the manufacturers to their customers that is why it is important to consider in choosing a swing and usually these are the swings that are long-standing and durable.

These are the ones that can still be salvaged and repaired and with proper care and maintenance can sustain another round of demanding the use of the baby and of course allow you more room in your budget for those sexy maternity dresses you’ve been eyeing! Swing owners should also be mindful that not all the time swings can be repaired or fixed, they should also be mindful of the wires if they are already open as it will destroy the swing. Check if they can still be salvaged by electric tapes as it is crucial to the function of the swing.

Additionally, you should also check if the harness is still tight or already loose due to the use (or overuse) of the swing with the baby. It is important that the harness can still hold the baby safely and securely as it is the first and foremost the function of the harness. Also, check the harness locks and make sure that they are still durable and can still stand another batch of use of the swing. Problems do occur even in the best baby swings.

Another thing that is important to be tackled is cleaning the swing. You need to be familiar what are the parts that can be removed cleaned or soaked into soap and water and which parts should be at all times avoid water contact as it will destroy the functionality of the swing.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that the swing should function properly and the baby is secured. The parents should be able to quickly assess and identify if the swing can still be fixed as it is important not to jeopardize the safety and security of the baby. If the swing looks like it can’t be fixed or repaired it might be best to replace it with a new one.

We will also post a buying guide for you so you can easily get a high-quality swing that is just right for you and your baby.

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