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Feng Shui to Improve Fertility Luck and Help Conceive Babies

feng shui fertilityThe following Feng Shui tips are meant to help couples who have difficulty conceiving, despite being medically fit in reproductive health.

Poison Arrows afflicting the main door and bed

Look out of your house and check if there’s any poison arrows‘ pointing directly towards your main door.

Poison arrows in Feng Shui refers to sharp and pointed structures which inflicts bad chi to the lives of afflicted inhabitants.

It can be a sharp angle of a building, edge of a wall, pillars, trees, table corner and such.

Within your bedroom, observe and find poison arrows pointed towards the bed.

If you find any, both external and internal poison arrows must be shielded, reflected or hidden from view.

If you have any doubts with your own ability to recognize or suppress poison arrows, it is best to use a qualified Feng Shui practitioner for peace of mind.

The bedroom and interior decor

Again, take note of poison arrows pointing towards your bed and hide them from view.

If your bedroom is a mess you should probably give it a good spring cleaning now. Clutter weakens the ‘chi‘ in a given area. Since we’re trying to apply Feng Shui to bring about positive ‘chi’ into the bedroom, clean it up until your bedroom feels comfortable and relaxing to be in. Some feng shui practitioners suggest anything under the bed must not be disturbed when couples are trying to conceive until the baby is born.

This is important: Position the bed so that your husband’s head is pointed towards his ‘Nien Yen’ direction, which activates his descendant’s luck. To find out your husband’s ‘Nien Yen‘ direction, you should first find out his KUA number. There are a number of feng shui related websites out there that calculates it for you – for instance, also has a chart of favorite directions for every individual’s KUA number.

Enhance fertility luck by having a painting or symbol of pomegranate in your bedroom to bring many healthy offsprings. One of the traits of pomegranate that signifies fertility luck in feng shui is that when peeled open, it reveals a lot of red seeds.

In feng shui, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility and suggests descendants’ luck.

Feng shui experts suggest you place five pomegranates on your bed every morning when you get out of bed. 4 of them should be placed on each corners of the bed and the last one, in the middle of the bed.

Remove and keep the pomegranates aside when retiring to the bed every night. Repeat daily.



To enhance positive yang energy in the bedroom, hang red paper lanterns on either side of the bed. A dragon symbol on the man’s side on of the bed helps too. Be aware though, do not place figurines of deities or gods in your bedroom. It is regarded as a disrespectful act to the gods.

It is advisable to display animal ornaments, symbols or subjects in a painting in pairs. Pairing symbolizes marital union. A pair of fish or mandarin ducks is a potent symbolization of marital union.

Place a painting of children in the bedroom. The more children in the painting, the merrier. A great example of such symbolic Feng Shui element is the famous ‘100 children‘ embroidered screens found in the emperor’s room of the imperial palace of China, the Forbidden City.

It symbolizes a great number of descendants for the emperor.

Placing prominent elephant ornaments as part of your bedroom decor or anywhere in the house will help, particularly if you want baby boys.

As for the rest of your house, the sector that governs the luck of descendants and children is the WEST sector. Energize this area with symbols and artifacts mentioned above. One of the best and most favorable item to occupy this area is the ‘Laughing Buddha with Children‘ figurine.

Miscellaneous tips

Planting a couple of fruit trees, the types that bear lots of fruits, are known in fengshui to symbolize fertility and children. Perhaps planting a pomegranate tree? And eat it too? It is also believed that women who eats a serving of pomegranate fruit during the Chinese New Year will be blessed with sons in that particular year.

Along with the sexy maternity dresses if you won’t mind buying something weird for your wife, how does an egg sound? Not a real one of course. Perhaps one made from crystals or stone. It is said to bring fertility luck to couples.

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