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Exercise During Pregnancy – Take Care Of Yourself AND Your Baby!

exercise after pregnancyGaining weight is something that is just a part of being pregnant.

Gaining weight is pretty easy when you are eating for two. Now that your baby has been born, however, you probably want to start shedding pounds as quickly as possible.

You are probably desperate to get your old figure back even if you still look good in those sexy maternity dresses. The good news is that this article contains hints to help you get your figure back after having a baby. Any one of these hints can help you get back to your previous size in no time.

Often when women are going to having a baby they’re under the misconception that they can eat everything they want and let up on exercising. Researchers have found out that this can be dangerous to both the mom and health of the baby.

To take extra care of both yourself and your baby it’s highly significant that you begin a healthy diet plan and workout with daily exercise during pregnancy.

So how do I know what’s the right exercise during pregnancy? First, it is really important to know that too much exercising during pregnancy is as wrong as not to exercise at all.

But what’s wrong with no exercise during pregnancy?

During pregnancy your body gets a little bit off balance because of the extra weight gain. This and the position on the fetus can cause a lot of tension on your back. Through workout it is possible to prevent a lot of pain in the back by strengthening your back muscles. The next problem with being without exercising during pregnancy is that you can gain too much weight and gain too quickly although it’s believed that it’s the best treatment for stretch marks.

Many Doctors recommend not to gain any weight during the first trimester. During the second and third trimester it is normally to gain about one pound per week. It can cause cardiovascular health problems for you and the baby if you gain more than the suggested amount.

Getting overmuch exercise during pregnancy can also be injurious for you and your baby. Over-exercising puts too much stress on your body. Additional strain can cause you to severely injure your body, because ligaments of a woman become more fragile during pregnancy in order to adjust to a growing body and the growth of a fetus.

Exercising too much can also make it more difficult for the baby to develop properly. Sometimes a miscarriage can even occur since the baby’s develop is hindered so much.

So during pregnancy how do I know how much to exercise? Essentially having a good twenty minutes of exercise every day should be enough for holding mom and baby healthy.

Generally you can doing exercise more than this, but you have to be careful about the type of exercise that you are practicing. The best types of exercise you could do during pregnancy are swimming, walking, and yoga.

Anything that involves bouncing, getting your heart rate up too high, or the possibility of falling you have to avoid.

Most non-contact sports are okay to continue with as long as you don’t overwork yourself and you are excessively careful with your body. If you love jogging, this is great to go along. But keep in mind that during pregnancy you should not jog more than two miles each day.

It is a good idea to start a daily exercise routine immediately, if you’re already pregnant or you’re planning on going to having a baby. The right way to keep you and your baby healthy is to workout safe exercise during pregnancy.

Another significant recommendation is to talk to your doctor or a dietician on how to get a healthy diet for the months with child, since a right diet is very important for you and your baby as well.

Here are a few great low impact exercises to get you started:

Drawing In: This is the perfect exercise for ladies who have just had a baby because it will help you lose weight, strengthen your back, strengthen your abs, strengthen your core, help your posture and increase your metabolism all at once. In this exercise you need to lower yourself onto all fours and put your hands right under your shoulders.

Pull in your abs while making sure to keep your spine and neck in line with each other. Breathe in through your nose while keeping your back straight and then breathe out while pulling your navel up and in without moving your spine. Do this twelve times to complete one set and do three sets in a single workout to really work your abs and core.

Arm Flutters: This is an easy exercise that you can do right next to your baby while he or she is sleeping. Lie down on your back and put your legs straight up into the air. Now, pick your torso slightly off the ground and lift your arms while keeping them straight. Lower yourself back down slowly to the starting position and repeat between twenty and fifty times.

This is great for burning lots of calories and making your core strong. That baby weight is sure to come off in record time as long as you do this exercise at least three times per week.

The Bicycle: No, this does not involve riding a real bike. This is an ab exercise that works really well for women who want to lose weight after giving birth. First, lie down on the floor with your knees bent and your calves parallel to your floor.

Put your hands behind your head as you take in a deep breathe in and out while sucking in your gut. Keep your bum relaxed while, as you extend your right leg, you bring your left knee up to meet your right shoulder.

Your shoulders and your head should come up off of the ground as you do this movement. After going back to the beginning position, repeat the motion on the other side. Complete three sets of between twelve and twenty of these and you will soon see that your pregnancy weight is gone.

These exercises, if done often enough, can reveal dramatic results in just a few short weeks. You can do this while your new baby takes a nap and you can spread them out throughout the day instead of trying to do all of them in one block of time.

Of course, if you do them all at once (or any exercises) for a 20-30 minute block of time three times a week will help you shed the pounds even faster. Do these exercises as often as you can manage and keep doing them; you’ll fit into your pre-pregnancy pants before you know it!

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