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Chinese Pregnancy Superstitions and Taboos

Chinese Pregnancy Superstitions and TaboosLabel me superstitious but when it comes to pregnancy, I found myself being extra wary of superstitions and taboos even after my first child was born.

Lots of people say I’m old fashioned, that these old-wives tales are bogus and cause you unnecessary worries. So why bother!

I hate to say this but speaking from personal experience, minor plumbing work was carried out to repair a leaking tap a day before my premature labor symptoms were felt. I had a miscarriage two days later.

Was that the reason why? There’s never going to be scientific proof for superstitions and taboos, but for the sake of my baby, I would rather adhere by them than be sorry later. Your mileage may vary.

Some Chinese superstitions during pregnancy

The emotional state of pregnant women is important. They should stay happy as much as possible. It is believed whatever affects a mother’s mind will also affect the baby. If you cry and stress a lot, then your baby will be always in sour face and cry always. Pregnant women should watch what they eat not only will you look good in the sexy maternity dresses you own but it’s believed that if you eat food that’s not properly cut or mashed, their child will have a careless disposition.

Light colored food will make your baby fair-skinned. If soya sauce or dark soy sauce make up a large part of your diet, your baby may have darker skin.
Absolutely no renovation work should be done around the house no matter how minor it is. Things in need of repair around the house? Well, too bad I’m afraid. Anything that involves drilling, hammering, chopping, sawing and such could lead to abortion or fetal deformities.
Never attend funerals and weddings. This is to avoid any clash on each party.
To protect your unborn baby from evil spirits, pregnant women are advice place a knife under their bed.
Pregnant women should not cut anything on the bed. Spiritually, it signifies cutting your unborn baby’s umbilical cord.
Using glue is believed to bring about difficult labor. I’m lucky considering I had a smooth delivery not knowing about this bit.
Avoid getting a stroller or pushchair before your baby is born. Keep it elsewhere, preferably away from the house if you happen to purchased one. It’s bad luck to have an empty stroller within the house when you’re pregnant.
I remember when I was four months into my pregnancy, my friends and family gave me tons of old baby clothes. My mom said keep them in her house instead of mine. Like a stroller or pushchair, it’s also bad luck to have used (or new? I’m not too sure about this though) around the house when you’re pregnant.
Never utter foul or vulgar words or you might risk getting your baby cursed.
Stop that all too common habit of rubbing your baby bump if you don’t want a spoiled and over-demanding child. Now that I think about it, I really enjoyed rubbing my tummy.
Do not visit houses which had been left vacant for a long time. Such premises have not been spiritually “cleansed” therefore might contain unholy entities that affects you and your baby.
Hang images or posters of babies around the house and bedroom.
Leave a light on when you’re sleeping. A small night light will do just fine to avoid sleeping in total darkness.
This is for readers who are not yet married. Have the groom carry the bride over a pan of burning coals when entering his home for the first time. Doing this ensures trouble-free labor.

Readers also found feng shui to be of interest as well. People I’ve met often perceive feng shui to be superstitious stuff whereas others who hold it in high regards call it metaphysical science. Whatever you call it, I hope you’ll find it interesting and contribute to your well-being.

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